Energy Analysis in Dynamo

Hello dear friends and colleagues,

I want to do energy analysis procedure in Dynamo, but I could not find any node to work on the Energy Analysis of Revit from Dynamo, such as set the energy settings, make the energy model, run it and then get the results I need in Dynamo.
I would appreciate it if somebody could give me some clues to do that.
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Please show your work.

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Thank you for your consideration @Konrad_K_Sobon
As I mentioned I want to do whole the procedure in Dynamo because of the next steps I want to do.
I found a package which is called “Energy Analysis For Dynamo”, installed it and tried to use it.
but as you see in the pictures after some steps it does not work and I stuck and cannot go further.
Then I decided maybe it is better to do not use this package and just do everything from scratch by myself, but could not find any node or something to start.
What do you suggest?
In the attachment, you see what I have done so far.

I am also looking to use energy analysis for dynamo, but i cant seem to get the package loaded in. What version of dynamo/revit/energy analysis for dynamo are you using?

Personally, I haven’t used this package, but am familiar with DOE-2 and Green Building Studio. What is the reason for not using the built-in Revit analysis?

Hi @Atkins14,
I am using Revit2016 and the latest version of Dynamo and the package.
I also have that problem, but when you close once Dynamo and open it again then you will see it in the library menu.
I don’t know why! just found it out by trying!

Hi @Francisco_Farias,

That is a part of my project which is an optimization practice, so I need to couple energy analysis tool with some algorithms, for that, I found Optimo in Dynamo. I tried “Energy Analysis For Dynamo” and “Optimo” separated and it works, but when I couple these two together I get some errors and so far could not solve it!
If you know a method or way that I can do that directly in Revit, wouldn’t be a problem for me to replace it with these packages, and I appreciate it a lot in advance if you could tell me how I can start with that. :slight_smile:


Like I said, I haven’t used yet any of those packages, so can’t help you much with that. However, I once contacted the guys that developed Energy Analysis for Dynamo (ThorntonTomasetti) and Mostafa was very helpful and always responded promptly. Try contacting the office and explain your problem:

Remember to post your findings back in here!

Now, regarding Optimo, the developer is a friend of mine, and we worked together while pursuing our PhD’s at Texas A&M University: Mohammad Asl.

Good luck!

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Thanks @Francisco_Farias,

In the last month or more I tried to contact all of them, I did not get any response from Mostafa and also Thornton Tomsasetti for the questions I have about “Energy Analysis For Dynamo”.
I also wrote to Mohammad Asl, he suggested something (I can explain the detail to you if you want to know more about the problem), I tried it and did not work! then when I wrote back to him I did not get any response from him anymore!
But definitely, I will let you know about the solutions when I found the answers.

Hi all,
I have a problem using the PrepareEnergyModel. SetWallSurfaceParameters component, it just doesn’t work. I’m using Dynamo 1.2 in Revit 2016 and my Energy Analysis package is 0.2.42 . Has any of you experienced this? Any thoughts? Thank you!

Hello there. I am also working on my Master Thesis and want to combine Optimo and ANY package for Daylight Analysis (or Solar, whatever) like Ladybug + Honeybee but unfortunately my work is a complete disaster, strictly because any of the examples placed in packages didn’t work. I’ve updated them last week. BUT my question is - how you managed to finish your work? DID IT WORK? and can you share with me what you did? I would be deeply grateful.
For now I have a lot of examples .rvt + .dyn placed in latest version of Ladybug and Dynamo, but there are more of bugs than any ladies (it’s a metaphor) and none of them did work for me. Like nothing work properly. I would be really pleased if you find some time and help me with my issue. Working example would be just great. Thank you.

I am attaching my posts connected with my issue (latest - 1. to oldest - 4.):

  3. Ladybug or Insight? Stuck during creating process of insolation analysis in Dynamo
  4. Springs.BrepShape.ByGeometry feat. Element.SetParameterByName
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@izafolga See if my post here helps

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hello,Is the problem solved?