Ending Draw operation

Hi Everyone,

I have a graph which places all families from a given category into the model. This works well, however its not meeting my needs entirely. The plugin I am testing needs to see that the draw operation has been ended… This is the workflow i need to emulate. Launch Draw operation for a fitting > place fitting > end draw operation via Escape key ( or right click cancel )

I have attached my functioning graph in hopes this better illustrates what i am currently doing

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi erfajo and everyone.

My apologies for not adhering to forum guidelines. I certainly do not waste anyone’s valuable time. I hope this follow up post is structured properly.

The attached graph successfully draw pipe along the model lines and generates elbows at direction changes.

What i need to add to this graph is a function which emulates the ending of a run as if you were preforming it manually in revit. The plugin i am testing requires the draw operation event to be ended completely so that it can obtain the required data.
** example: Launch draw operation for pipe > draw a length > end the draw operation event completely by pressing the escape key once or twice

I tried to add an End Transaction node, but upon further review it appears to end the current Dynamo transaction only.

I will continue to explore this tonight. Any guidance is greatly appreciated
Pipe and elbows creation.dyn (13.5 KB)

I am using Clockwork and MEPover custom packages

Sorry to bump this thread no additional information, however I wanted to get a bit more visibility on this as I am truly stuck. Im researching the revit API and still digesting what i need.