Embedded wall

I have embedded curtain walls (2) inside a normal wall (1)
The curtain wall has a basic wall as a panel

how do i get the geometry in the red circle? assuming the bottom of the wall has an offset to the level
the wall might be curved aswell
the hight to the top of the curtain wall is a bonus
wall by face (spline based) is xtra bonus
volume of the latter, well…

drawing is crap, sorry

All a bit cryptic @Marcel_Rijsmus
Are you after the infill volume or the edge curve element between the two curtain walls?
(a hopefully helpful sketch)
Perhaps you can can elaborate on what you’re looking to achieve by extracting what you need?


Your sketch is a lot better. :+1:

I would like the far face curve’s lenght.
The other dimensions of the geometry are optional but i’m interested in those too.


Thanks for that, I have an idea around face perimeter curve intersects that I will have a look at first thing tomorrow when I am back at the PC :+1:

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Well my thought worked, so here is at least one way of doing this :grinning:
D1.3_Find Infill Wall between Walls and the base Curves.dyn (46.5 KB)





I can’t read the nodes, but i’ll see it tomorrow when i’m om a computer with Revit and Dynamo, perhaps i can disect the geometry for the remaining dimensions myself.

Thank you @Ewan_Opie

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No worries. :grinning:
Here is a larger image so you can have a look now.
You may need to tweak the inputs to extract your embedded walls, as I was only working with a test file.