Embed Image to excel file

Hello, I´m trying to embed an image I´ve already exported from a model into an excel file using the Embed Image node from Bumblebee. When I run the script it displays a success message, but the file doesn´t change at all.

Hi @n.ortiz10

What is your Revit and Dynamo Language?

both are in English. Revit 2016 and Dynamo 1.2

@n.ortiz10 Alright! Could you drop your files here. If you your unable to drop, drop it in google drive or dropbox and share the link here.

Sure! here is the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9hpb7vI1XfMeTBubjhxUWdCLUk

This node sure as hell was experimental and has its quirks:

Notice how the file path is passed through List.Create node. It has to be a list of file paths. Not a single file path. Also, the Origin input has to be a list, that matches the list of file paths. So if you have one file path on that list, just put one origin on a list {"A1"}. Finally the image names has to be a list also, and it also has to match the other two lists. Again, if its just one name, then you can do what I did.



Hello Konrad:

Do you have the file? I Try to do it but i still did not make it work.:neutral_face:
thanks a lot!

Hi @sefabio

Could you please start a new thread as the original thread is already been solved. Thanks!

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Hello Konrad,

I tried that but it doesn´t work (in the watch node also says “Success”).

When I remove the file path to the Embed Image node it shows up an error:

I just followed this post because i had to write my image to excel, I think the only problem you need to do is to change the sheet name into a list as well–similar to Origion input @n.ortiz10 is

Hi, I have tried using the Bumblebee node to embed images except the images disappear when closing or editing the Excel file. Also if the image is larger than the default row height then it overlaps with ones below. I have initially made the images smaller than rows, in the hope I could find a macro for excel to deal with this issue there. But the images disappear sometimes. I don’t think it is element binding issues. Because the images disappear when editing file after Revit has closed.

Writing Preview Images to Excel.dyn (93.9 KB)