ElevationMarker.CreateElevationByMarkerIndex (creates blank unnamed views due to duplicated names)

Rhythm (@john_pierson ) I hope I am just doing something silly and overlooking something obvious.

I am working on a process to gather all unit groups, then all the kitchens and baths within those (yes i know nested groups are dangerous, we have yet to make the nested families)
This process places an elevation marker at the center of the kitchen groups and if there is a linear counter only creates one elevation, if there is an ‘L-shaped’ counter it creates two elevations.

This issue lies when I am only trying to make 21 elevations (testing the process), a single elevation per marker and it keeps coming up with duplicate names, 12 of them out of the 21. The list indices are all the same 3,7,8,9,10,11,12,15,16,17,18,19. I have been noodling on this for a while before posting.

It is a bit of a beast of a graph so it is hard to break this specific issue out, here is a screen shot of the problem area, all lists going into the node are the same structure. I also have a rename after that fails to rename an un-named section / elevation view.

Thoughts? I will see if I can recreate a test graph to share.

This is Revit 2022.1.2 and Dynamo 2.12

Hmm, where is the name being set?

shouldn’t the node at least set the name initially? it doesn’t name because the duplications of names noted. I rename after this node, yet that also has its own concerns because view name and title on sheet appear to both be called “View Name” so I am going with the Built-In Parameter VIEW_NAME.

It should be, but there is definitely a lacing thing going on. A minimal sample file would be helpful for sure. :slight_smile:

oh, here is the warning on the elevation create node
“Warning: ElevationMarker.CreateElevationByMarkerIndex operation failed.
index is occupied or out of range.
Parameter name: index”

when the elevation marker is created it is not assigned to a view, when the elevation is created by the index of the elevation marker we feed it the planview. how is the index already occupied? this happens with auto and longest lacing. the index is the only single item. when i use ofrepeateditem the node fails completely to do anything.

so… I recreated the graph and that one seems to work as anticipated with same list structures. now going to copy and paste into a new graph, maybe it has some corruption.

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WEIRD so if I pull the createlevation node out from behind the filter by boolean mask it works just fine! so i will manage it this way and send in a list of 0 or [0,1] for one or two elevation creation.