Errors When Batch Creating Elevation Views

I have built a script to batch create elevation views for exterior windows/doors. The script determines which way the element(s) are facing and positions the views appropriately, then it crops the views to match the elements’ bounding box, sets the view template for each view, and renames the views to match the mark value of the elements.

The script works on two projects that I have tested it on, but on a third project I receive errors stating that the view names are already in use. Once these errors appear the script stops. I have confirmed that elevations with those names don’t already exist before running the script, and I’ve even tried deleting every elevation view in the project prior to running it as well. But I still receive the same errors.

Does anybody have any idea what could be causing this? Any help is greatly appreciated!



It’s hard to tell without a sample file, if you have successfully run the graph, then it is likely to be due to extra complexity in the project file…

Perhaps you have 2 elements with the same Mark? So then it tries to create 2 views with the same name? I don’t think your graph checks for that?

Hopefully that is useful :slight_smile:


Thanks Mark.

You are correct that my graph doesn’t check for elements with the same Mark value. (To be added later.) But I do not think that is what is causing the errors since the elevation views are created first and then renamed. Also, the errors I am receiving seem to be having issues with the default elevation names being the same. You are probably right about it being something to do with the project itself since I am only seeing these errors in this specific project so far.

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Yeah, it think I would try and work back, freezing nodes as you go… Output lots of values and identify 1 view that is causing the error… Then iteratively work out potential solutions… It will probably be a slog but I’m sure you’ll get there :slight_smile: