Elevating Families to Ground Level

I have adapted some code to enable the placement of Families to occur, with respect to x,y and a determined z, with respect to topography.

However, when for instance only a small number of Families sit within the selected topography, then they are located, however, a subsequent rotation being applied is not the required rotation for that given instance.

When this process is repeated, disregarding topography, then all works well, however, no z uplift is applied, due to the lack of topography being present in this situation.

There must be a way of lacing? the data, so the appropriate rotation is applied to the items only located?

Any assistance, would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, what I would do first is simplifying the graph into few nodes to do several tests and also illustrate a little to help others to get in…


Thank you for replying, however, your posts answers none of my questions / queries.

Yes I know, I tried to have a look yesterday but couldn’t get in (maybe too tired), so I thought it could maybe be easier to understand with some clarifications. Thanks :slight_smile: