I have a requirement and would be great if someone can help me.

I have a lot of Structural Framing (Beam) Elements in a Revit Model.
And these beams have Marks (Unique values).
I want to change the Start Level Offset and End Level Offset of few hundred beams. But not all the beams in the Revit project file. I had initially created these beams using Dynamo, by using Excel Spreadsheet and node. I would input the Mark string, XYZ Coordinates of start point and end point of beams. Now I would like to modify the Z elevation value of some beams. I am stuck at exactly mapping which element ids are corresponding to which Mark numbers. I tried using Elements.FilterByParameterValue node from Clockwok but I don’t know how to feed the func.


Ideally I want to create a list of all beams using All Elements of Category then filter only the beams of my selected Marks. Then I want to assign those beams with new Z values at both ends.

Feel free to enquire more. Thanks!

Look into Dictionaries for the mapping of the Z values to the correct beam.

And just learn to use FilterByBoolMask properly, than you have no need for convaluted custom filter Nodes.

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