Exporting list of Element ID's and Parameter Data to push back into a new Revit model

The attached Dynamo Script runs in small models, where I know every element has the project parameter “Task Name”. in short It works! But…

When moving to Large Architectural Model, it falls over at “Parameter.ParameterByName” node. Any help in improving this workflow?
The goal is to pull out parameter data I have entered into an old model for 4D task sequencing, and push it into a new model via excels sheets.
Cheers All.

Hi @cameron.smith36A5T

Here are some tips:

  • Id is a volotile parameter in the model, if you want to use these as a key value, first copy the value to a new parameter that stays the same whatever happens.
    Also, collect all your data from the categories instead of the view.
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Thanks for the tips.
Still pretty new to dynamo!