Select element by ID


Who can help me with the following?

I have made a export to Excel using Dynamo. :slight_smile:

I included some parameters and the Element ID.

In the Excel file my colleage filed in the values and now I want to update my model with this data but only the rows where the collumn “udated” is set to Yes.

How Do I select withe Dynamo a element with a specific ID?




there exists a node called IDs to Elements published by CAAD_RWTH

another node is called

ID to Element published by Grimshaw

another one

ID.Element published byDanEDU

one of those should help




Is it better practice to use GUID in this case?

And why?

please elaborate, so we can all benefit.




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marcel, guid is definitely the way you should go as guids are unique,

esprecially when you are dealing with linked files same element ids may occur.

which is ok by definition.

another scenario is that during changes in a revit model the element ID is reassigned to another element.


Thank you Peter, that clarifies it a bit more.

Another question to go a bit deeper into this matter.

You are speaking of “changes” in the revit model, so can you tell me when those changes in the ID’s occur?

I noticed that adding a workset can have these effects on ID’s, am i right?

Are there other things we should be aware of, or simply use GUID’s all times?

No documentation on this matter is to be found (or i havent found it yet), so thnx in advance.




I found some information on this topic after all.



is there any documentation how to use these nodes?

When usin GUID’s, is there a smart way in Dynamo doing this?




like that?

Hi Robert, I have been doing a lot of this recently (Upgraded a project without checking we had the latest BIMLink licence first…).

I find Dynamo is very fussy about the format of the ID and excel converting text to numbers can screw it up. Also none of the available nodes for selection by GUID or ID seem to be reliable. I hope a much more robust version of Element from ID that takes any input that looks like a GUID or ID will eventually be standard in Dynamo…

So like Peter I have been using some code I found somewhere.

After trying different approaches I find that using a standard importer for everything, that reads ID from the first column and Parameter Names from the first row, works well.

Parameters from excel 0.8

Hi Guys, does the KOP nodes works in Dynamo 0.9???, im getting null every single time with id to element. Im importing dinamo clashes and mapping the clash with the revit elements involved so i can color override the elements in revit


I think there is a problem in 0.9, the nodes work perfectly in 0.8.2

Has @Robert_Klempau question been resolved in the meantime? I have the same problem :frowning:

want to set parameter in revit with a excel sheet of Element ID’s and Values