Element.Solids operation failed with complex elements

Hi all user in this forum.
I want to extract geometry solid of a complex floor but the node Element.Solids and Element.Geometry seem not work.
Element.Solids warn “trim_with_edge_loops requires all curves to touch surface” while Element.geometry warn “Value cannot be null”.

In the past, i had the same problem with some elements had complex geometry.
I also tried with Revit 2014 and latest version 2017.
Can you help me?
I would like to attach my Revit file for your seeing.

Test Geometry Of Complex Floor.rvt (2.4 MB)

Hi Vo,

This has been issue for a while. @Zach_Kron and his team is looking at this issue according to his reply on this topic Element.Geometry operation failed

Alternate solution would be you can extract solid by its face and convert that to solid as shown below.


Hi Kulkul,
Thanks for your reply.
I have found what is problem here.
The boundary of the floor is not closed exactly. I checked by getting the boundary sketch (using Collector.ElementSketch) and then checked if the curve is closed or not. (Using Curve.isclosed).

After i edited the boundary, the node element.solid worked.

Please see below picture and attach file.

Test Geometry Of Complex Floor 2.rvt (1.1 MB)


I want the geometry of the floor in the file link how to?

next time please create a new topic, thnx


I faced similar warning when finding the Centroid of a precast element.
Element.Solids warn “trim_with_edge_loops requires all curves to touch surface”
So, after that I applied your solution, but it is not worked in Wall element.
Its fine for Floor element.
Also I need Combined Centroid of Multiple elements.
Also If I delete Curve Voids in the Precast Wall element Connections, its works in simple method.

Same here, we need a way to automatically close, correct those faulty objects

Do you find a solution ? i have the same problem…

Not yet