Element.SetParameterByName setting similar, but wrong values into specified fields

Hi I’m having trouble with the Element.SetParameterByName node I’ve managed to get it feeding data into the parameter that I’d like my data to go to, but the problem is that it gives me a similar, but different values lets say I enter 33.87 the value that appears in the field is 3.15, I’m also getting error no parameter by that name exists even though its writing a value to the specified field. The feld I’m trying to enter data into has units of watts its an electrical load parameter could someone help me figure out what’s going wrong and determine how to get the node to read in the correct value I included an image of my code and link to a revit file of the family I’m trying to enter data into and the dynamo file I’m trying to use to accomplish this, any help would very much be appreciated.

Here is some information on Voltage units in Revit: http://thebuildingcoder.typepad.com/blog/2010/06/voltage-units.html

As for the “no parameter by that name exists” error, I would assume that you’re collecting family instances that are not of a family type that has this instance parameter. Try collecting your family instances by Family > Family.Types > All Instances of Family Type

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Thanks a lot that solved my units problem and issue with Element.SetParameterByName node, I found the correct factor and this discussion on the exact reason for my units/factor problem here for anyone interested that builds on the solution given by awilliams. Thanks for the help


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