Dynamo_Element.setParameterByName Internal Error




I’m trying to sort the pipes in Revit with the Excel, when the value of "Mark"parameter equals the value in my Excel. When the values are equal, I wish to insert the text “Additional” under the QS Source parameter on my pipe. I have created a node to do this, but I keep getting a “Element.Set parameterbyname” error at the end. How do I resolve this error?
Can anybody help me?


It looks like you are feeding a list of integers instead of elements in your Set Parameter node.


@Yna_Db is correct. It looks as if the list you feed into the get item at index node should be the results of your all elements of category node.


Thanks @JacobSmall ,I tried to make it but failed… Could you give a step-by-step guide of how to create the node?


I think that the list you want to get the items at index for should be the original elements, not the parameter values as you want to set the elements parameter values not the parameter values parameter values.


@JacobSmall Yeah! Success ! I’m newbie… Thank you so much for helping me. :smiley:


Glad you’re sorted out! Please mark the solution so others can refer to it in the future.