Element.Name from Material Parameter "Dereferencing a non-pointer"

Material Element Name Imagell start with this is my first week in Dynamo…

I am trying to read the a material parameter assigned to Rooms in REVIT. I am getting the information out without a problem, but once I have it I want to get the name of the Material to supply in a spread sheet. Can someone point me in the right direction? As you can see, the element.name node should be able to give me what I am looking for, but its not.




The blank values are throwing it off.



No values.


Thank for the reply, but I wished I was just getting what I wanted with nulls, but as you can above I am not getting anything. The values are blank. This is not working with a direct link to all elements as in the image, nor my filtered list. I am in and REVIT 2015 if that makes any difference. I did try to add the Clockwork node on the end but no values there either.

So maybe we skip the get parameter value by name all together? See screenshot below.




Well I hate to have to replace one node with that many just to make it work, but yes. That will work for me. All I need is the text to get it into the excel file and then name conversion works coming back in.

Thank you for the help, I wished it would have just worked with Element.Name.

Hey Sean,

I thought of something else. The issue seems to be with the rooms that have yet to have had a material assigned at all. So what if you went ahead and ran a graph to assign all rooms with a blank material to “By Category” Then used this graph. Would that work?

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Great solution and it did solve the problem. It would be nice if the node had better null or empty handling, but after setting the material to Default for all instances the element.name node worked great.