Element.setParameterByName Internal Error

Warning: Internal error, please report: Dereferencing a non-pointer.

Can anyone share some insight?

The first thing I noticed is; You’re inputting a string (element.name) into element. The set node needs this to be an element.

Ok John, thanks. I knew something wasn’t connecting correctly. Can you suggest where I might go from here…

Hmm. I’d have to see more of the errors. Do you have output on the all elements of category node?

First - it appears that there is likely no output (no wall elements) coming out of the “All Elements Of Category” node at the beginning since the GetParameterValueByName node shows no output (null). That’s where the problems are starting. At the “SetParameterByName” node, the first input should be revit elements, not strings (text).

It might be helpful if you explained what you are trying to accomplish with this entire script.

Try this, and don’t forget to click Run if you have Dynamo on manual execution mode:

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Thank you all for your support. You are heroes!
@Thomas_Mahon @john_pierson @Ben_Osborne

I wanted to control Existing & Demo’d elements using the V/G Filter rather than the Phasing Graphic Overrides. Now I can.

Ok, now I’m going to try to grab more than just walls!!!

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