Element Location Point at 2 Rooms at same time


I noticed many family instances of a project are at same time in 2 Revit Rooms and if I pick the first of both rooms, it is not alway right. I used the node Room.isinsideroom.

Actually checking the family instances in the project, those are placed with the origin point on the top of a Room Separator Line.

Any idea of how to resolve this without python and package nodes?

Also comparing the results of the rooms where the family instances are located with the node of Rhythm, I can see Rhytm picks the correct room of both. How would I have to do it in Dynamo without python, or packages? any strategy behind this subject?

I have to say to get the results with OOTB nodes still not resolved, I have used at least 15 nodes and it seems Rhythm with few code lines does job perfect, how come?

I know the difference is that the location point of family instances picked by Rhythm is the roomcalculationpoint, which is not in the coordinate origin of the family in this case.