I got stuck because i don’t know what to feed in the Boolmask after the node Element.IsHiddenInView
As elements i feed sections (which contain other section that may have been hidden).

What is your desired output? If it is views that it is hidden in, then you plug your view elements into that filter.

With some trial and error i found out that the watch node must be plugged to the boolmask and must set both list and mask at level 1 (@1)

I know that the lacing is wrong but i don’t know how to fix this.

My goal is to find the hidden sections in a view i also realize that there could be more elements besides sections been hidden.

So how do i know what element with value true (hidden) is also a section

I use Sheet.Duplicate and found out that the hidden elements (Sections) became visible again on the duplicated ones, this is what i want to correct, that is why i ask these questions.

A good night sleep does do wonders.

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