Element host problem

I have kind of a strange issue with element hosting. I have some generic model families that are hosted by curtain walls (they aren’t curtain panels as far as I can tell, they are in the Generic Model category not curtain panel. I didn’t make this model so I’m not sure exactly how this came to be). For some reason at some points the generic model is set to a different floor level than the curtain wall that hosts it. This is messing with some of my dynamo work as I’m trying to group things by what floor they are on. I think that If i could just get the host element of these panels I would be ok. As you can see in the image, it says in the family properties that it has a host, but I tried using the Clockwork element host node to extract it and I just get empty lists. Any ideas on how to get to the hosting curtain wall’s information? Please let me know if this isn’t clear enough, It’s not entirely clear to me! Thanks