Element host node

Hi all,

I am automating several schedule checks, and the first one I did worked like magic - i compared if my glazed screen panel and the hosting wall have the same accousitc value and wrote an error message in a reporting prameter so I can find them

Match wall and glazed screen acousitc raiting.dyn (11.1 KB)

Then I attempted doing the same thing for my lead lining, the principle was going to be similar, only I am not directly comparing string values, but am taking all screens with “yes” to their “radiation protection” parameter, looking into their hosts and finding weather the family name of the host contains the word “lead”. for some reason however the host nod doesn’t seem to be working…
Match wall and glazed screen lead.dyn (11.3 KB)

I am guessing I am not using the yes/no parameters correctly… Any siggestions are welcome, thanks :slight_smile:

yes! thanks! (ugh spelling mistakes :stuck_out_tongue: )