Same Element but Different IDs

Hi All,

Anyone have any idea about how to change Element IDs? Why i am asking this, we have an IFC model which is opened in revit and saved as a revit project. Then this model has been used for clash test in navisworks. Problem starts at this point, when we receive new version of IFC file and again opened it in revit, revit give new IDs to same elements which is correct. If we can map elements IDs somehow in revit we will be able to follow our clashes. Anyone knows how to solve this issue? Thanks in advance

Use GUID rather than element id :slight_smile:

I think navisworks is checking clashes by using element IDs, can we change it to guid?

One way to get consistent GUIDs is to append the IFC directly into Navisworks. Navisworks uses its own import GUIDs for clash tests internally, not Revit’s elementID.