Element.GetParameterValueByName returns incorrect value

I am using Dynamo version I am using Dynamo to create spaces in the Electrical Model with the Architectural model as a linked model. I have successfully created the spaces and can see the parameters of the space including “Actual Lighting Load” which is accurate for the space I have selected. However, when I execute the Element.GetParameterValueByName node with the spaces as input and the parameter input as “Actual Lighting Load”. The node returns a list of incorrect values that do not seem to relate to the correct value at all. There is a single light fixture in the space and it has a value of 39 VA. The node returns 419.79. Here is the code snippet:

Has anyone else noticed this? The parameter “Actual Lighting Load” is an instance parameter for a space.

Are you looking at the same element as the one being sent to Element.GetParameterValueByName? You are using Space.ByPoint this could be grabbing another space if you have two overlapping. Try using Select Model Element just to test that the element is correct.

I have tried that with a simple script that uses Select Model Element. The thing is the node returns consistently the wrong answer but the same answer for different spaces that contain the same light fixture. So Space A having a type B fixture rated 39VA will always return 419.79 no matter where B is found. My quick fix was to divide all the returning values by 10.76391 and this corrected all the lighting loads to that seen in the properties windows and is actually correct by hand calculation.

Sorry I have not worked with the lighting fixtures so I am not sure how the parameter is calculated. Please ignore if I am way off. Just trying to through something out there that might help you.

Since the Space is reading the 39VS from the light does it also calculate natural light or anything else which might be adding to the number?

I have never had this node give the incorrect value so I am thinking it is doing something that you are maybe not seeing.