Can't get the URL property from elements



I tried to export the data from Dynamo to Excel, using the solution of @Michal_Dengusiak. I extracted the volume and base level, but I can’t get the URL, price etc.Dynamo also doesn’t see that parameters. I will be grateful for any help and suggestions. Thanks!


URL is a type parameter - you are pulling instance parameters. Just search for “get type parameter” on the forum.


Thanks a lot! Now it’s clear!


Hello! Could you please explain now how to set this type parameter. I use Set type parameter to the elements, using imported data from excel but can’t get the result. It’s not clear for me, what is incorrect. I tried to set “price” with code block, but the result is the same!Thank you in advance!


I don’t know that node but it looks like you might need to flatten your list of values.


Set Type Parameter from Archi-Lab. Tried to use Flatten. I suppose the problem is in that node. Could you advise please if there is another way to get the right result to set such type parameters. I just want to operate with that using Excel. Thanks in advance!


Found the solution. Used Element.Type before Set parameter by name