Element.GetParameterValueByName - Broken

Hi Team,

Has anyone else experienced this problem with Dynamo & Revit (Version 2021)

The goal here would be to get the workset ID for a given list of linked elements (Before they are copied into the host project)

It was working in Revit Version 2019 & an older Dynamo version but since the node is OOTB i would have thought it would continue to work.

I was hoping to maybe find an older node like Archi-Labs “Element.Workset” to see if that would work but no luckfind it :frowning:

This node works on local elements, just not linked elements…interesting…

-As an explanation for this (When it was working)

Identify categories to link
Find linked file to search
Find and isolate workset ID from linked file (Penetrations)
Find all elements under categories & also within Penetrations workset.
Copy those elements to own project
Cut the voids (All of the copied families have nested voids to cut from)
Holes in Beams wall and whatever… :slight_smile:

I could re-write the whole thing to get a workaround but ideally i’d just like to replace that one node :slight_smile:

Thanks Team!

What does the warning say?

oh sorry, amateur not showing that…


It’s not compatible with Revit 2021. Bimorph nodes v4, which is, is out next week :+1:

Thomas you legend!!

Thank you so much for your hard work!!

Myself and the structural engineers on this project will be raising a glass to you :slight_smile:

Much appreciated!

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