Element.geometry cad

hello, I have a model element that I am reluctant to use from a manufacturer. I have a script that I am using to harvest data from a conduit run. Do do so I need to get the element.geometry from all the elements. This family is reporting null in the element.geometry list. I cant use it like this. So I did some digging into the family and I discovered some potential problems:

  1. it has multiple nested families
  2. it has groups in the families and nested families
  3. none of the nested families are shared.
  4. it has some import instances in one of the nested families.
    So my question is will any of those cause this node to fail? If so, how do I fix it?
    Also, are there any other nodes that might be able to harvest geometry data or anything?

edit: Im attaching the family here.

lr85.rfa (680 KB)lr85.rfa (680 KB)

What elements are you collecting here?
LL is typically a Rebar shape type, so would not have any associated geometry.

never mind I figured it out. The family had a nested cad file in it. I deleted it and recreated it using revit geometry in the family. Then i magically showed up.


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