Element.Delete -- notes before still "empty"

Hi Everyone,

I use the Element.Delete note, to delete every family wich collides with other parts. For me I wanna give this note a Bool to have the possibility to turn this funktion off and on.
My problem is the FamilyInstance node keeps still empty although I put off or also unconnect with the deleting notes.

Dont wonder why I put to false “0” cause I just wanted the Delete nodes to not work when “False”

The Families just appear again when I put a string away from the family.instance node and connect it again.
But this I can not do in the Dynamo Player…

How else can I put on and off the deleting of intersecting elements or is there a better way?


I’m wondering what you’re expecting to happen, currently you’d only send 0’s into it.

Next to that: the if node doesn’t like it when you send in things with different lengths through the true and false inputs.

I put in 0 cause I just dont want it work if I put False.
The problem is the FamilyInstance keeps still empty parts although the others are not working.

How do you mean that with the if node? I dont get it?

You could try using a codeblock:

x == false?

Where x is your bool and y is your “FamilyInstance”

I dont think this helps.
I see no changings exept the True or False.



you have not written what i wrote…

However if you have nested lists this will not work, you can use a simple python code:

import clr
data = IN[0]
condi = IN[1]
if condi == True:
	output = data
	output = 0
OUT = output

Ow Sorry I typed in something wrong…

Thanks for your Help Jonathan.
I tried all your ideas, also the Pyton Script, but still this problem: When I go from True to False the Entries (on yours its “y”) still keep empty. The only way the empty peaces get filled even if I put True, is to put one string away in front of the “y” so that it has to calculate new and reconnect. then it fills the empty places.

Do you get my Problem?
I am shure this has anything to do with the Element.Delete Note wich I need to delete the intersecting elements.

Hi @josef.radi

Show complete graph with all the previews visible.

I Do not get your problem, you want it to change the values without having to run your graph again? That is unfortunately not how Dynamo works.

Here is “True” so my Delete Notes are working and in the “FamilyInstance.ByFace” are some “empty” places wich means it does not place the parts there. wich is RIGHT:

But here is “False” so my Delete Notes can not work cause all they get through the Python Script is “0”.
BUT the FamilyInstance.ByFace still keeps this “Empty” places although there is no Delete Note wich puts them away.

Why is it like that? Cause Everytime I put the Bool to False my script is not right.

Then I have to put a string away from the FamilyInstance Note so that it calculates new:
When I then connect it again it fills with all the parts again.

I hope this shows my problem

I changed to longest and added flatten but still same problem.

Is there another way to remove elements as with the Elements.delete note?

Try adding Transaction.End node after flatten.

Still the same

Could you Share relevant files here?

Problem of empty parts in Family Instance.dyn (159.0 KB)

Might be a silly question, but why are you using “flatten” with longest lacing?