Delete Elements? Element Binding?

Hello @all,
currently i am running an issue i dont understand. I have got a list of several elements, after preselecting them by an user through datashape nodes.
So i filtered them with an boolean mask and gave the Elements.Delete Node the output from my mask.
So this command should only delete the elements the user wont have in his opinion.

But somehow it deletes all elements regardingless which group it belongs to.

any ideas?
thanks and greetings

@kevin.scholtyssekM76 ,

uniqueItems it is rare to have this input. when you not want to delete all. you have to filter them by a criteria. f.e. GroupByKey, ItemAtIndex,…



You need to show your graph with all the node preview bubbles pinned so we can see what’s actually going on. Otherwise all we can do is guess.

ok nevermind, i now searched after indexofitem and removed them from the list bevor deleting the elements…

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