Element Binding in Revit

Not likely. You would need to change the way the Dynamo works holistically so likely a modification to Dynamo would be required. Many ‘bad things’ could stem from altering this though so be careful as you look into it.

Ok, thanks. Ill just stick to using the player for this then.

Thanks @JacobSmall for the great explanation!

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What version of Rhythm has the Helpers.ToggleElementBinder node?
I have Rhythm 2019.1.21 but I cannot find this node.

Hi @Revit_Noob you are using a 2 years late version of Rhythm.

  1. Try downloading a new version first
  2. and make a new topic in the forum.

I cannot install higher version of rhythm as I only have this dynamo version installed :

Dynamo Core
Dynamo Revit

@Revit_Noob that shouldn’t be an issue. Please try and install the latest version. @john_pierson builds its nodes in such a way that you should be good to go with Revit 2018+ et Dynamo anything above 2.0 version

Not all nodes will work in Revit 2018 i think. :slight_smile:

@Marcel_Rijsmus obviously not all because of Revit API new features such as the warnings access for example. but most of them will.

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also, @Revit_Noob , the helper was created in april 2019, whereas your specific version of the package is older.

therefore :grin:

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Ok will try. Thank you.