Walls - Unconnected Height to Top Constraint

I’ve experimented with, and can’t seem to achieve the following.

Find all Unconnected height walls ( the easy bit )

Change the Top Constraint to match the Base Constraint + Unconnected height

There is obviously a change in data type between Unconnected value and the value ( the level ) that is read by the Top/Base Constraints as the two are not compatible, String ?


We pass our model through a Model Review Checking process we have found 300 walls which are ‘unconnected’ I was hoping to bypass and sort these by Base Constraint PLUS Unconnected height…





Top Offset isn’t available until you have a top constraint assigned. Assigned a top constraint = base constraint without an offset value is a mess because of errors. This is an uphill battle.

This should do it. Assuming you don’t mind using the comments field and you don’t mind running two separate graphs. Let me know and I can share the .dyn files



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John, many thanks for taking the time to offer your input into this. A fantastic resource of minds and folk willing to help out there.

I do understand the errors associated with the height being below its base constraint etc. I noticed a lot of it depends on the sequence of the parameters. Which is why your approach has been to take the information into a placeholder parameter first I’m guessing.

The images you posted are very informative of course and I guess I could recreate based on your hard work. It’s only right I put the effort in as you have. You have reinforced the difficulty of what I was trying to achieve initially.

Many thanks for the input.


And since we’re all nice people, here’s the files for your reference. Let us know if you have any other questions and welcome to DynamoBIM!



Hi guys, I think that this can be accomplished in a single graph:


Dimitri Walls




@john thanks for the files I downloaded ( yes I didn’t get around to replicating it :frowning: )

Sol in here noticed that all your OUT’s were coming from the IN on your nodes… ( this may be an 0.8 versus 0.75 issue ? ) I’m using 2014 at the moment so can only use 0.75 at the moment.


Dimitri, thanks for response, running into an error on the main Code Block ( image attached )

Error as follows :

( Warning: One or more of the input types are not matching, please check that the right variable types are being passed to the inputs. Couldn’t find a version of Sum that takes arguments of type (__array). List.Transpose operation failed. )

Many thanks















Dimitar, you are too good when it comes to design script answers. I need to get on that myself. Nice job man. Colin- the ins are the unconnected walls.

J0hnp, I see your note re in=unconnected walls…thanks!

Colin, the above is for Dynamo 0.8. I am guessing you’re using 0.75? The error you’re getting is because the parameters you’re pulling out of Revit have units. The Math.Sum node can’t handle those and expects unitless numbers. You can strip out the units with the “SIUnit.Value” node. If you want to stick with 0.75, you can try appending .Value at the end of the second line. ( just before the semicolon)

DIMITAR ( and not Dimitri as I said in an earlier post! ) Apologies.

Yes we have to stick with 0.75 due to Project constrains in using 2014. Adding .Value at the location suggested has no effect on outcome sadly.

DYN attached,

The graph runs without error, however all walls remain ‘unconnected’.



Find Unnconnected Wall Heights and repair

Hi Colin,

I did a quick test with the above with 2014 and it seems to work fine for me with these two small modifications necessary due to the way Dynamo handles parameters from and to Revit prior to 0.8:


Keep in mind that this does not filter out unconnected walls.


Dimitar, many thanks for your help on this, appreciate it.

We obviously have an install problem on site here as I’ve made the changes to my DYN and also tried your own DYN set, both end in Null Output, so thank you for your time on this. But on this occasion, we won’t be able to utilise it. IT, The scourge of the digital movement sometimes.

Hi Dimitar,
Can you please reupload this piece of code, since it doesn’t exist od dynamo servers anymore?
Thank you in advance!