Editing Room Boundaries

Hi all, I’m curious whether it is possible to edit the boundary of an existing Revit room element using dynamo. I’m know that I can extract the boundary lines and move them around, but I’m wondering if there is a way to recreate a room from edited boundary lines or edit the existing room boundaries. Any thoughts?



Yes, you can move the boundary lines or the walls creating the boundary or even add new ones.

Thanks Danny. I probably should have mentioned that I do not want to move the walls, but rather adjust just the room boundary. It would also be great to avoid having to go in and make new room boundary lines in the Revit model, since I am working off of a model where the rooms are currently bounded by walls.


As you know Rooms in Revit are bound by an array of different element types. The most common is a Wall but others like RoomSeparationLine or StructuralColumns are also capable of determining Room Boundaries. Your question in essence is: Can you edit all of these elements via Dynamo to determine new Boundaries of a Room? Answer is: Yes you can.

Jared, see tree below. Probably not exactly what you’re intending but hopefully it’ll help.

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Thanks Konrad and Danny! The RoomSeparator.FromCurve tool was very useful. My next question was going to be what I do with the room separator curves in the output, but I suppose I actually don’t need to do anything. It looks as if the room whose boundaries I was extracting knew to ignore the walls and instead be bound by the room separator lines - I suppose this only works if the room separator lines are inset from the walls, which is fine for my purposes for the time being.