Modify AutoCAD lines by the name Layers

Hello again.
I have several CAD files linked in a Revit file. These files have the same layers ( they are files that provides other software) , and I would like to modify the thickness (or color) of those lines from the name of the layer.
The files are linked, and therefore are not exploited and need to keep it up.

Is it possible to do this automatically? Thank you

Isn’t that something one would do within AutoCAD with AutoLISP or such?

Unfortunately I know nothing about AutoLISP . :sweat:
My question is whether dynamo can be managed from the different layers of linked files without having to exploit them. Thank you

Might it be something that could be done with Visibility Graphics / View Templates?

I’m on it , but so far no satisfactory results.
Thank you

Try CAD.SetObjectStyle node from bimorphNodes packages. It work fine but only with one linked CAD. Dont work whith a list of linked cad