Setting Crop region

am new to dynamo , i was trying to edit crop region by dynamo to use it to
making the crop of a ceiling match that of the associated floor in section view.
i tried by using bounding box of ceiling and floor of room but it set crop region to whole room, but i want to set it up-to that section only.
is there any other way?
Any help appreciated.

I also attached script i tried (using revit 2019).

for better understanding i attached images before and after (want such result) script execution.

@JacobSmall @Kulkul @john_pierson Can you help me on this issue sir ?

Could you share the relevant files. Use wetransfer and drop the link here.

Sorry sir my fault, these are new link open to all revit and dynamo file…

@Snehal25 Try this:

Set_Crop_Region_bb_For Snehal.dyn (69.5 KB)

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@Kulkul Thank you so much sir… this is exactly what i need…