Edit corridor and for example add pedestrian crossing parametric

I got a question from a colleague if it was possible to for example add pedestrian crossing, widening for bus stops and qul de sac based on a parameters in a corridor without need of redesign the corridor or adding extra subassemblies (maybe not possible for the bus stop)
The picture is from one webinar with @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1
[Webinar] Infrastructure Design Automation with Dynamo for Civil 3D - YouTube
If I understood what they said on the webinar about Civil 3D 2020, then it was only possible to to this on the corridor surface but I wonder if it’s possible in Civil 3D 2021 or 2022?

Best regards, Patrick

Hi all
Ping this one

I think use Jobs tag too on this one. Some experimenting might be required to find an answer. I’m a Revit/Dynamoer so can’t help.

Can you explain more about Job tags?

I just think there is probably a bit of work to find out the simple yes or no answer to your question. Thus some work must be done before the question can be answered. The people on this forum are very generous with their time and you might get lucky but if you tagged it a job because you wanted a working solution maybe you would get an answer quicker.

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I will give it a try.
Will have a meeting with the stakeholder on friday. I’ll hope I’ll get good news.