Dyno - Safe to Use?

I’ve been looking at installing Dyno to make it easier for my users to access the Dynamo scripts that I’ve been creating to help streamline their workflows.

They want buttons, you see… And I’m not C# or VB savvy (yet)

Is Dyno safe to use and/or stable? I can’t find a ton of info on it, and I don’t want to promise people a solution that causes problems instead.

Are there any other things I should look out for, or tips for use, if you have experience using this program?

Thanks in advance!

It is a useful front-end for Dynamo graphs.

I checked their installer and its dll with https://www.virustotal.com , it passed.

It does not have an all-users install option and expects the user to have admin. If user does not have admin, his install needs to mimic the admin’s install. (It’s a minor hack.)

It ‘checks for updates’ by default – that should be turned off; it can also take some time.

Only works with Dynamo 1.0 not 1.1. (I checked when 1.1 came out.). – Update via @gerstal82 that it’s fixed.

Darn. 1.1 is what we’re using. I suppose they’ll just have to deal with opening Dynamo & hitting run for now, unless I can find some other way to make buttons for tasks.

Thank you for the response, and for taking a look into it!

A couple of days or a week after the release of dynamo 1.1 a new version of Dyno 0.41 came out and supports 1.1