Dyno Browser Empty

@Aleksey_Lobanov – I just installed the latest version of Dyno, having used the previous, and the Dyno Browswer is empty. I uninstalled everything and deleted the Dyno folder from AppData but it’s still empty. Thoughts?

@Greg_McDowell - check storage folders in the program settings. Also please attach screenshot with Dyno window and your storage folders tree

Which folder? By program settings do you mean Program Files or user/AppData/Roaming?

I’ll need to reinstall the new version again.

Also, be aware of your Windows admin status when installing. (Plus which user installed it.) I don’t think the Dyno installer has an All Users setting (last time I looked).

BTW - Not sure if you’re aware of this but FortiGuard is blocking your site at my office. I’m sure it was an automated issue and not a manual block by my IT department. It reports it as a malicious website. Thought you might like to know.

I am having the same issue. Has this been resolved?
Here is the screen shot of mine.

I ended up going back to an older release in order to get it working again. Haven’t tried again with the newer versions in awhile.

Hi Greg

Please try to install last version 0.6.2. Hope it will help. If no, please show your config file content


I have 0.6.2 installed and it doesn’t populate the browser.

Just encountered the same issue this morning. We use a deployment to push new versions to user computers including pushing the current Dyno.cfg file with all of the default settings, but starting with 0.6.1 it appears to be wholly ignoring any sort of settings in that file.

I also noticed that it is not installing sample workspaces either.

Hi all,

Please, explain your Dyno config file content.

Last release don`t includes SampleWorkspaces folder because many users use it as production folder and it’s not good practice. You can create one or number of custom folder anywhere on the disk.
Also official site has manual for creating presets (if needed) so this folder is not necessary