Dynaworks - Sorting clashes by status


First of all I want to say a big THANK YOU to every body that writes here because thank to that I know what I know.
My level of Dynamo is basic. I am trying to replicate the definition that Thorsten Strathaus explained in AU 2015 in the class called “Dynamo Hero 2 - Using Scripting to Solve Real World BIM Challenges”.

In Step 1 every thing is ok, opening the Navis file, reading the clash tests and getting the clash results.

In Step 2 I want to sort results by clash status (as in the video) but when I plug my clash results into the “equal x to y” node I get all “false” which is wrong.

Having a look to the definition taken from the video there seem to be a couple of nodes in between that I just can’t figure out what are they for. But they should have the answer to my question.

Does anyone know what are those nodes? What am I missing?

Many thanks in advance!


I figured this out, thanks to Thorsten.

These are the missing nodes in case it is useful for anyone:

Hi @AngelRuizPeinado

Could you please share on forum the final complete graph so that it can benefit others who is facing similar issues. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @AngelRuizPeinado
I’m looking at the same class and I’m working on the script. I’ve added the missing nodes (thanks for sharing) but I’ve still a problem with the point 2, how you can see in the image below, but i don’t understand why. Did you have the same problem?

Thanks in advance