Dynaworks - Clash Groups

Hi all,
I hope someone can help me here as I am a bit stuck. It could be that I am missing something very simple
I have been playing the Dynaworks package and looking to export some clash test results from Navisworks to Excel, which seems to be simple enough and I have managed to get some good results.
What i have noticed is that if your clash results have groups in them (In Navisworks), the exported results will not consider them, it simply reports the entire number.

For example, my clash test has 110 Active clashes, however with the groups created, it only has 27 Active.

So my question is this. Is there a way to export the clash results which use the groups and in that case the lower number of Active clashes?

Clash results with groups
Resusults in Navis_Groups

Clash results with no gorups
Results in Navis_No Groups

Clash resultsss exported to Excel

What version dynaworks are you running?
Theres a GetClashGroupResults node available in the Dynaworks 18 i’m looking at. That might help achieve what you need?

HI Andy,
I am using Dynaworks 2018 as well. I will take a look to see if it helps. I thought i looked at that, but dodnt help, not sure though.

Cant seem to get that node to work, which is what i found yesterday as well. Not sure why though.

What do the errors say?

The first issue was those nodes were Dynamworks 2020, so no go there as it needs to be the same version as the Navis you are working with, thasts on me :slight_smile: .
I changed the nodes to Dynaworks 2018 and still getting errors…hmmmm

Warning: ClashDetection.GetClashGroupResults operation failed.
startIndex must be less than length of string.
Parameter name: startIndex

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Unfortunately I dont have navisworks on my machine to be able to look further into it.
Also not familiar with NavisworksAPI to make much sense of that error message :frowning: sorry
Out of curiousity, whats coming out of the ClashDetection.GetClashTests? Is it a list of tests? or some wrapped navisworks object?

It gives you a list oft he test names in the Navis file.

No problem, ill keep digging.