DynaWorks18- Filtering the Statusd of Clash Test Result

Dear friends
I am using DynaWorks18 package for extracting the clash data and clash management. I put 3 types of status on my clashes, Resolved, Active and Reviewed. But I want to extract only the information such as Clash Point, Clash Node, Element ID of my Active clashes. But I don’t know how to do that. I attached a screen shot of my workflow

I know that by List.FilterByBoolMask we can filter our results, but here we have a list of our clashes with their number with the status at the end. I think I need to use different method to extract only the clashes with Active status from the list

Thank you so much in advance

You can use String.Contains node:


Thanks @michal.pekacki for you response :slightly_smiling_face: