DynaWeb - Inserting a JSON value into the Body of HTTP API Request

Hello Everyone,

I’m trying to create a PUT request to BIM Track’s API to correct the viewpoints that I created using internal coordinates (I know, I know, stupid mistake). Well, now I have 358 issues in the wrong coordinate system, so I re-oriented the views using Dynamo, wrote the JSON to push them up into BIM Track, and even was able to do it in Postman (both by uploading a JSON file and by just copying the text) but I’m struggling to understand the format of Dynaweb and how to copy my success with Postman to Dynaweb.

Here is what I have in Postman:

Parameters (none show up):




And my code snippet:

Here is what I have in Dynamo (I get the same error with every way I try to add the JSON file or text to the body of the request: “the content-type of the first file of the request must be application/json”) Any ideas on how to fixt this? @Radu_Gidei , do you have any input on what I might be doing wrong?


Thanks for all the info! Would you be able to use Postman to generate a C# snippet for that request please ? Might help track down what the issue is.

Sure thing!