What is the list of supported languages in Dynamo?

their wiki is not very clear, in their wiki just mention that is for Revit and I found an old tutorial than mentions that accept python, but what other can be used?

it is possible to use AutoLISP, VBScript, VBA?

Dynamo can make use of Design Script (the native language which nodes use under the hood), and Python.

However as it is open source you could write additional language integrations as needed.

You can also use C# for Zero Touch Custom nodes as a loaded library or package.

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1 ) Then Can use any language? Can I copy-paste my AutoLISP to Dynamo and use it in AutoCAD or translate it to Revit?
2 ) Can I create an animation since Dynamo in Blender or FreeCAD? Blender and FreeCAD use python.

  1. Can I create any software since Dynamo?
  2. Can I connect Dynamo directly to any IDE?

What @JacobSmall means is that most of the Libraries (.dll) are exposed and open source on GitHub which mean you can access in different languages IF you create wrapping method or something else to use them, not that you can use an AutoLisp in Dynamo.

And yes, there are Nuget packages for Visual Studio to help get you started. I believe there are others for Python IDE as well.

thanks a lot for your help, I need learn a lot.

No, but you could write an LISP interpreter to execute LISP in AutoCAD. Revit doesn’t have the same API so that won’t port over.

You would have to write a Dynamo integration for Blender or FreeCAD, or perhaps you could access their APIs via an interop method which accessed any open APIs they have. There is a community project that integrates Dynamo with 3DS Max to demonstrate the former, and the LinkDWG package demonstrates the later.

You can write whatever code you would like in Dynamo, and add any integrations you would like as well. That’s the joy of it being open.

Start with the Dynamo primer. Don’t skip anything as it’s the methods not the outcomes which matter. This will give you some exposure to what tools it already has so you don’t spend too much time recreating the wheel. :slight_smile:

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