Dynamo is Visual Programming or...?


Dynamo is Visual Programming Language or Visual Programming ?

Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.
Best regards, fanny.

Hi Fanny,

Read this http://dynamoprimer.com/01_Introduction/1-2_what_is_dynamo.html

Hi kulkul,

I have read,want to know whether is Visual Programming Language?

Dynamo is a visual programming tool.

Hi kulkul,

Fig. So also is Visual Programming Language?
I can not understand whether is the same mean !

May be someone from Dev Team @Zach_Kron @Neal_Burnham @Racel @Michael_Kirschner can put some lights on this.

@Fanny - Not sure if I understand the question. But, I will try my best to explain.

Dynamo has multiple components to it. Dynamo means different things to different people in different contexts. So, when people refer to “Dynamo” they could mean any number of things. All of the following are correct:

  • Dynamo is a visual programming/scripting TOOL. Dynamo has a UI that users can interact with that allows them to place graphical elements on a canvas to build algorithms without having to know the ins/outs of a programming language.

  • Dynamo is a visual programming ENGINE. Dynamo has a backend that computes the algorithms that users have built using the front-end TOOL mentioned above.

  • Dynamo is a visual programming LANGUAGE. Dynamo has its own scripting language called DesignScript that you can leverage in Code Block Nodes and/or if you decide to develop your own nodes. You can call most of the nodes found in the Dynamo UI using DesignScript inside Code Blocks. For more info on DesignScript, take a look at the DesignScript Documentation and Guide.

If you have any more questions. Check out dynamobim.org’s Learn and Help Center Pages. In particular, the Help Center Page has answers to a bunch of commonly asked questions.

Hope this helps clear some things up. Let us know if you have any other questions.


Hi Williams~

Thank you so much,understand.
Know Dynamo is a visual programming tool also a visual programming engine.

I have read mean Dynamo is a visual programming language,
therefore want to know Dynamo can mean visual programming language?

thanks you help. Let me understand is correct.