Dynamo4Revit 2.5: Workspace References doesn’t show any missing packages

Hi Dynamo Gurus,

Has somebody the same issue with the workspace references in Revitu 2021 (Dynamo 2.5), see the image bellow:

The associated addons only get added when they are placed into the script in the later versions of dynamo. Refer to the below examples to hopefully help guide you into how it works.

  • If you open a dynamo 2.0.3 script in dynamo 2.5 it will not have the data behind the scenes to add to that addon.
  • If you open Dynamo 2.0.3 a script in dynamo 2.5 and save it in dynamo 2.5 this still will not have the associated data.
  • If you add the nodes whiles using a script in dynamo 2.5 then it will generate the data behind the scenes to make that workspace reference extension work.

Thanks Brendan for the explanation!

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No worries, and hope it helped you understand how it works :slight_smile: