Best way to find what packages are used?

I’m sure this has been answered on here a thousand times but my googlefu is failing me.

I have some dynamo scripts with custom packages in them that don’t work. I’m not looking for which particular ones they use. I’m more interested in the method used for me to figure this out on my own.

I’m pretty sure somewhere along my journey I’ve seen a package that detects which packages are used?

I’d appreciate a link or any help you can provide me with. Happy friday everyone!

Thanks a bunch.

which version of Revit/Dynamo are you in?

Workspace references (OOTB Dynamo 2.6+ i think) is really awesome for this.


I was in Revit 2018. dynamo 1.34.6666 we use multiple versions of Revit. I’m open for suggestions on simplifying my life. lol

I’ll check out workspace references.

My one big complaint with workspace references is, it came way too late. I think it is really only supported in Revit 2021 Dynamo and up. (I may be wrong) but it is definitely not in 2018.

My main suggestion right now would be to make sure you are in 2.0.4 at a minimum for this effort. Then you can use view extensions to find the packages (sorta). Monocle used to have Lookup abilities but it was user-maintained and the list had to be updated periodically by me.


2.0.4 works in 2018?

In Revit 2018 I clicked on the dynamo icon on the manage tab and this is what came up. Whats weird is in my add remove programs I see 0.9.1 and 1.3.4. Yet I’m in Revit 2021 currently (yes I’m jumping around, hello friday!) dynamo is version

Thanks for the help.

2.0.4 will be in 2019 only, unfortunately. 2018 is when Dynamo installation was. . weird…

I would say that the graph you are looking at can be opened in a later version of Dynamo → Check the package info → Make note of it-> Then fix in the version you are actually working in.

Sounds like it would be easiest to just go through and annotate all of these in 2019. Thanks for the help.

Anecdotally this has been stable for me on 2018 (can’t wait to upgrade everything to minimum 2020+)