Dynamo - Wall and Floor voids not deleting when not in use?

Hi Guys,

I was using Mustafa Salaheldin dynamo graph with some tweaks of myself to create voids for the duct work and pipes.

The script as attached with this post works perfectly.

The only issue is - that when i change the duct position changes, the old wall void remains in place. The new voids get created perfectly in the new location.

Is there any way to leverage dynamo to delete these voids that are not in use due to change in location or sizes of the ducts or pipes?

For a large project, it becomes impossible to manually delete these voids.

Images showing the problem and script enclosed.


Wall Opening for Ductwork.dyn (29.3 KB)

hi @rdey;
u have to delete first the old openings and then run the script cz it will create new elements not updating the old ones.

Hi @fathygad

Thanks for the idea.