Dynamo Version

Hello all,

Which version of Dynamo plug in and Sandbox need I to download in order to work properly with Revit 2019.2 ? and from where ?

Thank you in advance.

for revit use regular Dynamo not sandbox,
download it from her,


you better choose from the list with extension of .exe not .zip
download the latest version

So need I to download this version DynamoInstall2.0.3.exe - 2019-06-13T19:56:52.000Z ?

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this one is good for you

Hi @mairh_tsek


ok, thank you!


I downloaded the above version of Dynamo, but it doesnt work properly. It seems that the Dynamo window is open but I cannot pass there…see attachment.

Thank you!

try to restart your PC first, or re-install dynamo agian

thank you for your time.

I should maximize the window…I found the answer here - > Dynamo won't launch

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Hello all,

I installed the above version of Dynamo…each time that I search sth in the ‘search dialog box’ it takes much much time…any idea? I dont have install any package yet…