Dataset for Introductory Tutorials for Dynamo 2.X - missing files

I’m going through the Introductory tutorials for dynamo 2.X to learn dynamo and the Dataset does not match the videos. I’m on video 7 (Revit to Excell) but in the Dataset, part 7 is Parametric Assembly Part 1. Can I find the files used in that video somewhere? Same goes for video 8 (Excel to Revit), which in the Dataset is Parametric Assebly Part 2.


FYI @solamour

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Hello @aldasol, the dataset content has now been updated to reflect the video content :slight_smile: Please have a look!


Hello @serafy,

What in particular are you missing from the Datasets? :slight_smile:

Hello @serafy97,

There are no attached files to this, but rather they are the basic sample files that come with Revit :slight_smile:

You can find them here!

Simply click on that, and open up the rac_advanced_sample_project.rvt as shown below :slight_smile: