Dynamo trying to borrow more elements than necessary

Good morning all,

We are attempting some of our first work with a BIM 360 hosted model, (and now we are all stuck working remotely as well) and I’m having some issues with our Dynamo scripts. As far as I can tell Dynamo is attempting to borrow too many elements and is running into elements that have been checked out by other users, who are borrowing elements that are in no way connected with the area the script is being used on.
For instance, I have a simple script which will copy a set number of parameters from a selected piece of conduit and paste those parameters to all the connected elements. This functions the same as a tab select. If I tab select and paste, everything works fine, but if I use the dynamo script it will see the borrowed elements 2 floors away and tell me I can’t edit the elements…
Does dynamo behave differently in BIM 360 hosted projects than locally hosted ones? I’m struggling with even how to ask these questions…


Check your graphs for any element binding as that can cause this type of behavior. Info on element binding can be found here: Element Binding in Revit

It may be how you are selecting elements and/or what parameters you are trying to change. How are you collectors set up, as in how are you getting a list of elements in Dynamo to affect? Also, are they all instance parameters or are there Type parameters affected as well?

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Thanks for these responses, it took me a bit to respond as my co-oworker was out for a few days, so, upside, we didn’t have any issues for a few days. Today it’s back. There is no binding in the script. My only guess at this point is the “Elements in connected network” node

So, I just realized that in fact the script that I posted solved the problem. I had cleaned it up to post it and had deleted some nodes that I had frozen. Apparently frozen nodes still interact with the model and borrowed all the elements…