Dynamo to generate web link using instance ID

I am curious if I could use Dynamo to add a web link to every element instance that ends with it’s own instance id?

The purpose is to update a linked data base. For example: If I am using a model browser and I view properties, one of the properties will be a link that takes me to a DB record that I can edit.

Using ODBC I can then import the edited DB back into Revit.

I would like to use this feature for editing instance properties outside of revit. But it will also serve to manipulate data after the model is dropped by the design team.

I am not super proficient at Dynamo, any help is appreciated.

Element IDs aren’t static. Best to use GUID here.


Thanks a lot. So easy.

The guid id is a good idea. I will try the guid id assuming it’s a similar procedure.

Thanks for the help.