Exporting and editing property lines revit using Dynamo


Hi Guys,

I’m looking at being able to automate the changes our master planning team make to plots via Dynamo.

I can get the element information from the plot lines but I need to also assign some kind of ID for each one.

I’ve tried using the comment, name and mark but they aren’t showing up in the list?

Does anyone firstly know why?

And secondly I’d love to hear any thoughts about how you might go about this?

My idea was to export to excel, make changes in excel using totals and reimport the changes.

Thanks for your time fellas,




I could only put one image in the original post.


Element Id or GUID is your best option.


Hi Nick, thanks for your response.

I’ll give it a wack and get back back but im already thinking that the elementID will come back the same for all plots…

ill look into GUID.

Really appreciate it.