Dynamo to family



He, im trying to save slab section from dynamo to revit family


Can you show what you have done so far? Search the springs package for ‘family by’ if you’re stuck.


HOPPER.dyn (17.7 KB)

I want to save this ‘’ Hopper’’ to family (slab type)


Slab type meaning a system family?




System families cannot have custom geometry elements like this - they are defined in the project file and then generated from other Revit elements. How about a Generic Model?


ok ,how put this in project file and how to define this object as concrete element to make rebar and calculate quantities of rebar and concrete.


So how to use Revit? That’s kind of a big ask… If you make it a generic model and import you can select the material type, enable “hosts rebar” and the like. First thing first, you need to make the family type before you can do any of that. Start with this:




Can you help me to solve this warning in dynamo ?
rebar.dyn (20.3 KB)


My best guess is that you’re feeding the wrong input type - ie an element instead of an element ID, a string instead of a number, or a list when designed to only take one input at a time. I’m not a rebar expert, but likely work starting there.


thanks … the problem was solved when I changed the model element