Dynamo to automatically choose the correct hatch pattern in a Title block on


I am new to Dynamo and I want to use it to solve a specific problem I have. As the topic title says I want Dynamo to automatically choose the correct hatch pattern in a Title block on a specific sheet.

I have the following set-up in Revit regarding sheets and title blocks.

  • Three different title block families with a lot of hatch patterns but each one have a unique name.
  • A bunch of sheets (>1000) with specific sheet numbers. The sheets are organized by level and building zone. Example of sheet number XXX-XX---1-D01100523 (level 100, zone 523)
I want Dynamo to look through the sheets and read a specific part of the sheet number (the last 6 characters - 100523) and automatically choose the correct hatch pattern in the title block family, which in the case above is a hatch pattern called D-523 in the title block. D-523 is not a shared parameter in the title block family.

Information about hatch patterns in title block family. Family Types:
Parameter Type: Family parameter.
Parameter Data:
Instance Name: D-523
Discipline: Common
Type of Parameter:Yes/No
Group parameter under: Other

My first question is if this is possible?

If the answer is yes. How?

I would be very grateful for any input regarding this and please keep in mind that my level of expertise in Dynamo is non existent. :slight_smile:


Kind regards

Lukas Nowikowski

Short answer yes it’s possible. First, are the filled regions are controlled with family types within the title block? (The drop downs)


My advice generally is to demonstrate a certain level of investigation when requesting assistance on the public forum. Why? It shows people that you have done some prior work, looked at the issue in close and simply got stuck. It is generally not advised to just ask for someone to do your work for you.

With that being said, my second piece of advice is as follows. If you had started your investigation and had specific problems / errors then it would have been really easy to share here in form of a screenshot or a sample file. This allows people on the forum to better answer your questions. Now, since you haven’t investigated the problem yourself, and you are asking for someone else to do so, the least you can do is provide them with a SAMPLE FILE. This will make answering your specific question much easier and would have prevented John’s question about your particular setup.

In short: do your work, ask specific questions, provide error messages or sample files, get your answers.

Ps. I am going to second John’s opinion that its very possible but it’s a waste if time for anyone to remake your title-block setup from information provided above. Please share your files.

Thanks, good luck and welcome to the forum!


Totally agree.

A big mistake is to solve all the user needs without having made the slightest effort to find a solution.


Hey guys!

I didn’t catch the rules for what was required to post a question!

From what I heard you could ask anything and get quick replies and that people are helpful. From your replies it just seems you took offense by my question.

As I stated in the text above I’m new to Dynamo and have zero knowledge, AND I asked for some input! So thank you for your tremendous help and in welcoming me so kindly!

PS. Thank you John for your answer.

The files below outline a possible approach

Demo Rvt 2015: TitleBlock-Hatch.rvt

File: TitleBlock-Hatch.dyn


Lukas, People here are helpful, however the responses may not always be quick or useful :slight_smile:

I’m sure the ‘advice’ wasn’t ill intentioned and was targeted at the community as a whole. Your post just happened to be the vehicle.